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About Rejuvetech Limited, Sheffield

bioincubator SheffieldRejuvetech Ltd is an innovative company focused specifically at assisting manufacturing companies to identify uneconomic operations and scientifically modify their processes to reduce carbon emissions, reduce waste and thereby reduce costs.

With over 20 years' experience working alongside and within industry, Rejuvetech, founded by Dr David Hogg, understands the realities and requirements of efficient commercial operations. Rejuvetech is aimed to facilitate scientifically the practical solution to commercially sensitive, technical problems.

Following completion of his academic studies in 1995 with a Ph.D. from Bangor University in organic chiral chemistry, David embarked on a 20 year career within chemical research and manufacturing companies, including Zeneca and Avecia Pharmaceuticals, before co-founding Carbon Sequestration Ltd in 2008, where he extended his experience in client and project management whilst continuing to  carry out research for national and international companies and partnering global organisations, with results leading to intellectual property registrations.  In 2013, David founded Rejuvetech Ltd to further a more specialist approach to commercial research, whilst working alongside leading academic institutions.

Based at the Bio-Incubator in Sheffield, David has access to a widespread suite of analytical facilities and intellectual know-how to solve multi-disciplinary challenges, when required.  With a keen interest in the comprehension and interpretation of analytical data, David, through Rejuvetech Ltd, is keen to bridge the gap between "ab initio" modelling and computational diagnostic packages with observed experimental results, with the aim of solving the existing challenge to your organisation.

In 2014, David, through his work in carbon abatement, was appointed to the international advisory board of the 4CU Project, a multi-university collaboration relating to a co-ordinated, comprehensive approach to carbon capture and utilisation.

Please refer to David's Linked In profile for a full copy of his CV.

Past and current projects include: